Strong Delusion  the  Novel

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Strong Delusion - Prologue

Since before recorded history, the human race has looked to the stars and other planets for answers to life’s questions. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Who are we? They conjectured and philosophized and wrote fictitious tales that have come to be known as science fiction. We all have curiosity of our origins.

Yet, in the beginning these humans had a relationship with the Creator of the stars and those stars reminded them of that relationship. Through the ages there has been a select few who have maintained that relationship. Stubborn in their belief that there was only one Word from the Creator and all other words were to be measured against it. This remnant through the ages has been called by many names in their Judeo-Christian belief: Followers of the Way, Brethren, Christians, Evangelicals and in this time, New Order Believers.

The world has gone through a major war that was first secretly waged through quiet persecution of this remnant and then escalated into assassinations of the most prominent Christian leaders. What these persecutors did not count on was an armed resistance and supernatural intervention. When the dust cleared and settled, one third of the world was consolidated, the western hemisphere was now ruled under one government and a new order of believers emerged. The war was costly and the devastation was so vast that technology took a stutter step. In addition, many of the natural, life giving resources of the Earth were running low.

Many years later, as resources on Earth are near depleted, a joint venture of the United Western States and private entrepreneurs, many of which are from the wealthy and influential New Order Believers, engage in a radical solution. They launch an all-out effort to explore their closest sister planet in hopes that precious minerals could be found and/or the planet could be inhabited. Mars is the last hope of saving the human race. All this hope is placed on the two teams who are sent on this venture.